What Pythons Do

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Pythons are rather big snakes. But they don’t bite people or prey; they just don’t bite. What they do best is squeeze and they mostly don’t bother people. If you want to know how big around a python is, think about a grapefruit. A big fat python is as big around as a grapefruit. And if you want to know how LONG a python is, think about your living room and about how this python will fit from one end to the other. Grapefruits and living rooms.

Pythons can move very fast and can wrap themselves around their prey quickly. That means small animals like squirrels or rats; or a little bigger, like cats or dogs. Occasionally they’ll eat goats or antelopes. Once a python wraps itself around prey, it squeezes the prey until it can’t breathe. Then it opens its mouth very wide, wider than you even think it can, and it swallows its prey whole. Resting quietly and away from friends, and other prey, it digests the whole animal. At first, you can see a big bump in the python, and maybe see the shape of a rabbit or woodchuck or something else. But the python rests quietly, and the lump becomes part of the python, and the python remains part of the world.

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