Eagle Rock

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It sounds like a place in a star wars movie, or maybe a james bond movie, but at least a little more important than fraggle rock. But it is a real place, and there really is a rock there that looks like an eagle. Eagle Rock is part of Los Angeles. If you were a bird you would fly from downtown LA or Chinatown toward the rising sun.

Eagle Rock is a neighborhood, but it is also a rock. Some day I’ll show you how to get there to see the rock, but there is a rock, which is really a small mountain. When the sun is bright, and at particular times of day, you can look at the rock and you can clearly see an eagle with its wings spread flying toward you.

People have different ideas about how the eagle got there. Some people think that the Original People of California had a chief that became an eagle when he died. Others say that the eagle could never be captured, and the Original People hunted it, trapping it near the rock, but it escaped when it became part of the rock. Other people think that the fearless Originals chipped away at the rock to warn everyone else about how fearless they were.

But the explanation that I like best is the simplest. The flying eagle of Eagle Rock is a sculpture carved by the wind and the water and the sun. You and me and everyone else will see things that we can share, and the Eagle Rock is majestic and beautiful and something we can all share, something that gives us power and hope.

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